A Peek Into the Week of the Tribal Youth Interns: Week 3

By Morgan Feldpausch

Intern Philip Barker deep in thought during a group discussion in the Tribal Youth Intern Room. / Photo by Muriel Reid.
Collecting salmonberries for our Traditional Foods Program, with the Tribal Youth Interns, Angela Hessenius, Will Peterson, and Savannah Miller. / Photo by Muriel Reid.
Intern Morgan Feldpausch holding up a freshly picked salmonberry. / Photo by Muriel Reid.
The collected berries from an afternoon of picking, minus a few used for gaining energy. / Photo by Morgan Feldpausch
The Tribal Youth Interns testing their knowledge on Brownfields in Totem Park, where an asphalt plant used to exist, with Helen Dangel and two park guides. / Photo by Morgan Feldpausch
Tribal Youth Interns and other RPD staff conducting a Marine Debris Survey on two beaches at Promisla Bay, on Krestof Island. / Photo by Morgan Feldpausch

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